Following the example of the Canton of Geneva, which brought into force the new law on the protection of whistleblowers within the State (LPLA) on 16 March 2022, organisations, institutions, and companies will in future have to be able to deal with this type of issue. As a result, they are encouraged to set up such a reporting process.

Whistleblower protection is crucial to ensure the safety and confidentiality of those who choose to report wrongdoing or unlawful behaviour within an organisation. A whistleblower is a person or group of people who make a whistleblowing report in the hope of triggering a regulatory process after becoming aware of a danger, risk or scandal. Whistleblowers can be considered as such when they act for the common good, the public or general interest, motivated by good intentions (inspired by sociologists Francis Chateauraynaud and Didier Torny, 1996). If reporting to the hierarchy is not appropriate, the whistleblower must be able to turn to an independent external entity.

Vicario Consulting SA developed a rigorous and secure “Whistleblower Protection” process designed to protect the rights and interests of employees, while promoting responsibility and awareness within organisations.

Our secure and confidential external platform allows anyone to report inappropriate behaviour, ethical breaches, fraud or other illegal activity without having to reveal their identity. In this way, we ensure that reporting is easy to do and guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided. Whistleblowing can also be carried out by telephone or e-mail, or by any other means that allows the whistleblower to be contacted.

Our whistleblower protection team carefully examines each case. We are committed to treating all whistleblowers’ confidentially and to taking appropriate steps to investigate allegations. As such, we encourage whistleblowers to provide as many details as possible to give greater weight to the case.

As part of our process, it is important for us to prevent any form of retaliation or discrimination against people who report abuse. To this end, we take all necessary measures to guarantee their safety, while enabling them to contribute to the promotion of integrity and transparency within their organisation.

Our team ensures the effective and impartial management of each report received and takes the necessary steps to resolve any problems identified. The entire process is completely confidential and complies with the laws and regulations in force to protect whistleblowers.