Vicario Consulting SA offers you the HR skills of a number of professionals and brings you its experience in: HR Consultant and Assessor.


Angelo Vicario Angelo Vicario

Angelo Vicario

Managing Director
Head of French and Italian speaking sector
Languages : F / I

Psychologist FSP
Psychotherapist FSP/ACP

More than 30 years of experience in the field of the consulting and training for companies.
Yasmina Schmidt Yasmina Schmidt

Yasmina Schmidt

Consultant and expert in career analysis and management and in the development of skills.
Languages : F / E

Masters degree in sociology and anthropology UNIL
Masters degree in science, technology and society EPFL
Diploma in public administration IDHEAP
Adult trainer and coach (trained in Gestalt therapy)

20 years experience in accompanying people in change of life situations, adult training, management of projects in the medico-social field and professional reinsertion

5 years experience in advising on the social responsibilities of companies.
Soraya Ksontini Soraya Ksontini

Soraya Ksontini

Consultant and assessor
Languages : F / E

Master’s degree in Social Sciences, specialization in Social and Cultural Anthropology (UNIL)
Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, specialization in History (IUHEI)
Various ongoing training in media communication and images, web et network strategies, authors’ rights and publishing contracts (FCMA)

5-year experience as a university assistant (UNIL). Over 10 years’ experience in managing, producing cultural projects and artistic management.
Maïté Corthay Maïté Corthay

Maïté Corthay

Junior Consultant and Coordinator
Languages: F / D / E

Bachelor of Arts (German/French), UNIL

Professional experience in secondary I education

Apprenticeship as a commercial employee, E profile
Hazbi Avdiji Hazbi Avdiji

Hazbi Avdiji

Trainer and Junior Consultant in Project Management, Diversity and Inclusiveness, Collaboration
Languages : F / E / Albanian

Bachelor in Management
Master in Information Systems
PhD on communication in multidisciplinary teams in project management and on collaborative and agile tools

7 years of experience in teaching at university level and in vocational training in project management and multidisciplinary collaboration

6 years of experience in the issues and practices of diversity and inclusiveness in associative, political and professional circles
Claudia Galiano Claudia Galiano

Claudia Galiano

Junior Consultant and Administrative assistant
Languages : F / E / Spanish

Bachelor and Master of Arts (English / Spanish), Universities of Lausanne and Glasgow.

Cambridge Advanced Exam, C1

Various experiences in private and public companies as well as in a non-governmental organisation in the field of writing, philanthropy, and community interpreting.
Julie Seuret Julie Seuret

Julie Seuret

Junior Consultant
Languages: F / E

Bachelor's degree in journalism and communication, University of Neuchâtel

Several years of experience as a journalist, teacher and communication officer as well as a proofreader and practical training in life story writing.
Céline Dubas Céline Dubas

Céline Dubas

Languages: E / F / D

Federal diploma in German language
Diploma HEC Lausanne
Master's degree in professional writing (University of Aix-Marseille)
ASTTI certification

More than 15 years of experience in project management and communication (design of communication plans, writing, translation, proofreading) at national and international level. Writer and translator.
Belen Tartaglia Belen Tartaglia

Belen Tartaglia

Languages: F / Spanish

DAS in written communication
Training in the collection of life stories

25 years of experience in legal and financial translation and 9 years in writing and adapting texts for a banking institution.


Leïla Ksontini Leïla Ksontini

Leïla Ksontini

Head of Geneva region
Consultant and assessor in skills analysis and development and career management. Responsible for training and the social media- Specialization in stress/burnout detection and prevention (Promotion Santé Suisse).
Languages : F / E

Workplace psychologist
Certificate in HR Management

Over 15 years experience in the field of skills analysis and development, project management, adult training, change management, health management and team leading.
Sophie Sion Byde Sophie Sion Byde

Sophie Sion Byde

Consultant and assessor in the analysis and development of skills and in career management
Languages : F / E

Psychologist ACP
Trained at the psychotherapy centre for the person

Experienced in adult training and in individual therapy.
Anne-Yael Rège Anne-Yael Rège

Anne-Yael Rège

Consultant and assessor in the field of skills analysis and development and career management
Language : F / E

Workplace psychologist
Analytic psychotherapist

25 years experience in the conception and leading of occupational psychology courses, adult training, situational analysis of professional skills. Experience as a practitioner in analytical psychology.
Alvaro Bounous Alvaro Bounous

Alvaro Bounous

Consultant and assessor in skills and competence analysis and in career management
Languages : F / E

Master in Manufacturing Engineering and Logistics
Specialization in Port Administration

The 17 years of experience in human resources management. 15 years of experience in international trade and industry. Consultant to prepare companies for international trade.
Véronique Borens Véronique Borens

Véronique Borens

Consultant and assessor in skills and competence analysis and in career management
Languages: F / E

FSP psychologist for career orientation
Degree in social communication
Ongoing training in portfolio techniques

More than 15 years experience in skills assessment and career coaching. Consultant for assessments, audits and relational evaluations.
Christian Brokatzky Christian Brokatzky

Christian Brokatzky

Consultant, coach and trainer in skills development and career management
Language : F

Clinical psychologist
Team supervisor
Teacher HES-SO

Experience in the fields of education, adult training and individual and family therapy
Kirsten Bourcoud Kirsten Bourcoud

Kirsten Bourcoud

Work psychologist
Specialization in stress/burnout detection and prevention (Promotion Santé Suisse)
Languages : F / E / D / I

Master’s in work psychology
Master’s in international business management

Near 15 years in international sales and marketing management in various industries, including the direction of an SME.
Caroline Eap Caroline Eap

Caroline Eap

Senior Consultant
Language : F / Sign language

Psychologist FSP
Family therapist
Expertise in childhood and adult deafness, behavioral disorders, ADHD and high potential
Certified in parenting, parental burnout and Barkley program

30 years of experience in specialized institutions and medical settings
Didier Binamé Didier Binamé

Didier Binamé

Consultant and assessor in skills and competence analysis and in career management
Language : F

Master's Degree in Psychoeducational Sciences (Belgium)
Certified Coach (IDC)
Federal FSEA Adult Trainer Certificate (IFFP)

More than 25 years experience managing projects and pluridisciplinary teams in the fields of special needs pedagogy, care and social support.
Florence Richard-Crot Florence Richard-Crot

Florence Richard-Crot

Languages : F / E

Master's degree in work and organizational psychology from the University
of Neuchâtel
Professional coach

Nearly 15 years of experience in human resources in private and public companies, in consulting, recruitment, career development, project management, change management, training engineering and animation.
Odile Teodorescu Odile Teodorescu

Odile Teodorescu

Consultant specialized in vocational and career guidance for youths and young adults.
Life Coach (IDC)
Language : F

20 years experience in teaching. Expertise in counseling and coaching youths and young adults in their vocational education and early careers.
Sarah Dionne Sarah Dionne

Sarah Dionne

Senior Consultant and Assessor. Expertise in analysis and development of skills, recruitment and career management.
Psychologist, Human Resources Specialist
Languages : F / E

Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, University of Geneva
Certified Professional Coach (ICI) Geneva & Paris
Certificate of Proficiency in English, Cambridge

Solid experience in Human Resources Management in SMEs and multinational companies: team management, recruitment, assessment, career development, communication and mediation. Professional experience and responsibility in the field of individual and team training and coaching.
Irène Broillet Irène Broillet

Irène Broillet

Senior consultant with expertise in the field of assessments
Languages : D / F / I / E

Master's degree in work and organizational psychology with specialization (MAS) in coaching psychology FSP

Master in "career counselling and human resource management" (MAS)

Certified Organization Design Professional (CODP ®)

20 years of experience in recruitment, coaching, executive and staff development & training in the public and private sectors, including two years as HR leader of a national company, responsible for diversity & inclusion strategy, internal mobility and talent management.
Isabelle Vonlanthen Isabelle Vonlanthen

Isabelle Vonlanthen

Consultant and assessor in the field of analysis, skills development and career management
Languages : F / E / D

Master's Degree in Work Psychology
Certified Professional Coach (IDC Geneva)
Certified FSEA Training Specialist

Solid experience in HR Management for various multinational corporations : recruitment, training, talent management, HR strategy, complete employee life-cycle including conflict management, mediation and payroll. Additional experience in training and individual career coaching.
Rachel Erard Rachel Erard

Rachel Erard

Senior Consultant
Language : F

Master in Work and Organizational Psychology from the University of Neuchâtel
CAS Actors and Systems and Communication and Coaching - NLP Practitioner (MAS HCM)
CAS Resources and Development and Management and Performance (MAS HCM)
Certification in change management.

More than 15 years of professional experience in the watchmaking and parapublic sectors as HR Manager, Training and Development Manager and Project Manager.

Specific skills in the fields of work climate management, development of managerial skills, recruitment and change management.
Agatha Saegesser Agatha Saegesser

Agatha Saegesser

Senior Consultant and Work Psychologist
Languages : F / E

Master’s Degree in Work and Organizational Psychology

Experience in competence analysis, work climate and change management as well as in coaching adults in professional reintegration in the parapublic sector.
Antonio Lanzarone Antonio Lanzarone

Antonio Lanzarone

Consultant and assessor in the fields of professional integration, psychological health, management and personnel development
Languages: D / F / I / E

Psychologist, lic. phil.
Certificate in coaching
Business administration (CAS)

14 years as a psychologist/coach in the field of professional integration.
11 years in personnel management and project management.
6 years as a specialist expert in a public hospital (consulting, quality, personnel development).
Isabelle Grunder Isabelle Grunder

Isabelle Grunder

Languages: F / D / E

Master's degree in occupational psychology
Certified professional coach
Training as a trainer
Training in action methods and facilitation of collective intelligence
Certification in Prosci change management

30 years of experience in HR management positions in various sectors at national and international level as well as in consulting, including 6 years with KPMG in French-speaking Switzerland.
Specific skills in the development and deployment of HR strategies and projects, training, coaching, team and leadership development, occupational health and prevention of psychosocial risks, change management and career transition.
Mirko Provini Mirko Provini

Mirko Provini


Fiorenzo Bettoni Fiorenzo Bettoni

Fiorenzo Bettoni

Head of the Italian-speaking region
Consultant and assessor specialized in the analysis and development of professional skills, career management and in the HR field (audits, training and conferences)
Languages : I / E

Master's Degree in Sociology
Diploma as Industrial Electronics Technician

Expert in management, corporate organization, international negotiation and cultural mediation.
Jean-François Cardis Jean-François Cardis

Jean-François Cardis

Senior Consultant
Language: F

Graduate Nurse Specialist
Certified Hospital Management Expert
Certified Internal Auditor
Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach - Intemo

More than 20 years of experience in the transformation of work organizations, particularly in the health and social sectors.

Creation and merger of companies, drafting, planning and conducting corporate strategy.

Extensive experience in leading complex projects, federating and negotiating processes with stakeholders.
Deployment and management of quality processes.

Experience in creating adult education programs, teaching and coaching.
13 years in the general management, COO then CEO, of a hospital group.
Cinzia Dal Zotto Cinzia Dal Zotto

Cinzia Dal Zotto

Consultant, evaluator and trainer in talent management, diversity and leadership, particularly in the field of digital conversion
Languages : I / E / F / D

Doctorate in Management from the University of Regensburg, Germany.
Lecturer and researcher in Human Resource Management at the Institute of Business. Since 2016 head of the Masters course in International Business Development at the University of Neuchatel.

15 years experience in university teaching, in research into the challenges attached to organizational dynamics and to personnel in media businesses converting to digital. Research also into innovative talent management of multicultural and multidisciplinary working groups.
Marco Ecclesia Marco Ecclesia

Marco Ecclesia

Consultant and assessor
Languages : F

Master of Business Administration - MBA
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Certificate in HR Management
Various ongoing training in coaching and counseling

More than 5 years of experience in coaching and organizational audit. Trainer, guest speaker in Universities of Applied Sciences and Centers of Continuing Education: cognitive and social development, bio-psychosocial approaches of disorders and obstacles to development, project management.

Regular Conference speaker on the issues of integration, professional reintegration and personal development.
Angèle Lemort Angèle Lemort

Angèle Lemort

Consultant and assessor in skills and competence analysis and in career management
Languages: F / E

Engineering degree in biological engineering
Master's degree in economics and management with a specialization in business coaching

10 years of experience in the direction of an artistic structure, in the management of artistic and cultural projects, in production and artistic management as well as in the performing arts and the audiovisual sector as a performer, author and director; 8 years of experience as a consultant, educational engineer, trainer and coach in companies in all sectors, for executives, managers and employees, in the fields of management, behavior, communication, emotions and professional reintegration and retraining for the private and public sectors.

Specific skills in the fields of interpersonal communication, development of managerial skills, professional retraining, and change management.
Christophe Peisl Christophe Peisl

Christophe Peisl

Senior Consultant
Languages: D / F / E

Diploma ETHZ -Zürich, pedagogy, psychology, history and strategy
Executive Diploma HSG St. Gallen, management of innovation and new technologies

Sixteen years of experience in team leadership, crisis management and as an executive trainer.

Ten years of experience as an entrepreneur, consultant and trainer in the fields of organization, change management and complex project management (from the perspective of the network and systemic approach).

6 years of experience in the management of strategic and political files within political staffs and as secretary general in a cantonal executive.

Myriam Rège Myriam Rège

Myriam Rège

Senior Consultant
Expertise in functional and organisational analysis, change management, and projects
Languages: E / F

Masters of science (MSc): Economics; political economy (Neuchâtel), Biology (Lausanne), Public health (London)
Certificate of advanced studies (CAS): Clinical research methods and biostatistics (Lausanne)

Managerial experience in the field of scientific research, notably in academic public health, and in non-profit organisations. Strategic thinking, needs analysis, project design, project development and project coordination, at internal, as well as local and international level.
Vincent Uhlmann Vincent Uhlmann

Vincent Uhlmann

Senior expert consultant in the field of managing organizational change, developing potential and preparing staff back-up
Languages : F / E

Dr. of Economic Sciences, (HEC) University of Lausanne
Adult trainer FSEA

15 years of experience in marketing and training (university and company).
Trainer of adults in communication, management and leadership.
Lecturer at HEC.
Founder of a market research company.
Brian Jones Brian Jones

Brian Jones

Senior expert consultant in the field of managing organizational change, developing potential and preparing staff back-up
Languages : E / F / D

BSc in Economics
MBA Diploma

30 years international experience of Business Management in Europe and Africa.
Simona Formenti Simona Formenti

Simona Formenti

Senior Consultant
Languages: I / E

Drafting and editorial supervision of writings in Italian
Participation in the elaboration of audit and expertise reports

Professional experience in personnel management and in the commercial and marketing sectors with international companies.
Anne Grandjean Anne Grandjean

Anne Grandjean

Deputy General Manager, head of the national, swiss-german and English speaking markets
Expert in change management, in the management of projects and transformation programs, in assessments and career management
Languages : F / E / D / I

Masters Degree of Science in Communication. Specialist in corporate communication
Certified PMP (Project Management Institute)
Certified coach (ICF ACC, PCC accreditation)

Over 15 years experience managing people in transformation projects and programs. Head of two national markets for a large international group.
Caroline Zufferey Caroline Zufferey

Caroline Zufferey

Senior Consultant
Language : F

Master in Economic and Social Sciences, University of Fribourg
IDC Geneva Coach Certificate
Certificate Leadership SVF-ASFC
Federal diploma as a mountain leader
Training (CAS) in positive psychology, University of Lausanne

20 years of expertise in the field of marketing within multinationals as well as national or regional structures. Professional experience in the field of training and coaching of teams and individuals, mountain leader. Areas of expertise: team building, coaching, communication.
Yamina Aouina Yamina Aouina

Yamina Aouina

Senior Consultant
Languages: E / F / D

Executive Coaching diploma, MBA
Engineer and PhD in Energetics

Over 20 years experience in innovation and change management in different industries. Technology Foresight and Innovation director in an international luxury corporation. Coaching for team-building and personal growth.
Mélanie Kugler Mélanie Kugler

Mélanie Kugler

Consultant in organisational analysis and change management
Languages: F / E

University degree in management
Federal diploma in business organisation
Certified Project Management Associate IPMA D, Introduction to agility.

Experienced process management and optimisation professional with a passion for business organisation and digital transformation. Experience in auditing processes, organising workshops, providing decision support and implementing digital solutions.
Tim Borin Tim Borin

Tim Borin

Junior consultant
Languages: F / E

Master's degree in Management, specialising in Behaviour, Economics and Evolution

Experience in customer relations, organisational and event management as well as recruitment.
Serge Burki Serge Burki

Serge Burki

Senior Consultant
Languages : F / E / D

EPFL Master in Engineering
Certification in Project Management, Change Management and Business Improvement (Six-Sigma)

Over 25 years' experience in business improvement through excellence, value creation and digital transformation, organization auditing and operations improvement, PMO implementation, program and project management for transformation in public administration, banking, industry and retail.

Human Ressources

André Richard André Richard

André Richard

Expert consultant in the field of the human resources, organizational audits, mediations, conferences
Language : F

Master of Arts, University Geneva

Experience as a HR manager of a cantonal administration, staff manager of a banking institution and training manager of a federal service.
Isabelle Spérisen Isabelle Spérisen

Isabelle Spérisen

Head of Neuchâtel region
Consultant and assessor specialized in the analysis and development of skills, as well as career management
Languagues : F / G

Master's Degree in Work and Organizational Psychology (FSP)
Company management
Certified Coach in Communication Process

25 years experience in HR, of which 15 in international, industrial companies and 10 as head of HR in a large hospital. Specific skills in the areas of team management, management of conflict, training, the management and culture of change and talent and the coaching of management and staff employees.
Arthur Anthamatten Arthur Anthamatten

Arthur Anthamatten

Senior HR consultant and assessor and expert in the analysis and development of skills
Languages : F / D

Former Training manager of a cantonal administration
Fabienne Kühn Fabienne Kühn

Fabienne Kühn

Languages : F / E

Psychiatric laboratory technician and nurse

Several years of experience in the field of health and public administration (presidential secretariat). Trade union organisation management, collective bargaining.
Manila Marra Manila Marra

Manila Marra

Consultant and trainer in skills development. Field of management, team management, HR
Federal diploma as an adult trainer

Expert in the field of training for over 15 years in communication, management and leadership. For more than 10 years, she was in charge of training and team management.
Stéphane Haefliger Stéphane Haefliger

Stéphane Haefliger

Member of the Executive Committee and specialist in governance
Senior consultant in the field of organizational audit, recruitment and change management
Language: F

Master in political and social sciences (Sorbonne)
DESS in clinical sociology (Paris VII) and in consulting and management (UNIL)
Master Coach EIC
DBA ongoing
Certificate in Corporate Governance for directors of Swiss companies (Swiss Board School)

20 years of experience in human resources management in international environments with regular interactions with members of the Board of Directors of the entities; responsible for 5 years for the consulting division in French-speaking Swiss region; personal advisor for 3 years to a cantonal minister in charge of political communication. Crisis manager and independent administrator

Trainer and author; regular speaker and university lecturer. Published in 2018, "DRH et Managers, Levez-vous ! Vie et mort des organisations ", Editions EMS, Paris, 232 p.
Maryline Hoffmann Maryline Hoffmann

Maryline Hoffmann

Consultant and Coordinator for the german market
Languages: F / D / E

Marketing training
Certified ACC Coach (IDC Geneva)
FSEA certificate as an adult educator

Solid experience in management assistance and project coordination in human resources and communication within international companies in the luxury, watchmaking, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

10 years of experience in professional integration and support of job seekers and career transition in collaboration with public institutions: coaching, training, conflict management, employee life cycle and management.
Nora Cantini Nora Cantini

Nora Cantini

Consultant, Coach, Facilitator and Programme Manager
Languages : E / F

Certified Coach, IDC-Institut de Coaching, Geneva
European Master in Environmental Management, EAEME, Brussels
Bachelor in Business Administration, University of Geneva

More than 15 years of experience developing international leaders, top talents and teams in multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, and
continuously changing environments. She has worked in and for multinationals, international organisations and small & medium sized companies, having held various managerial positions.
Barbara Petrauskas Barbara Petrauskas

Barbara Petrauskas

Senior Consultant
Languages : F / E

Bachelor of Science in Communication
Certification in corporate well-being and HR International
Trained as a career coach

25 years' professional experience in human resources and training in various sectors, from start-ups to established companies, with particular expertise in international and multicultural organisations.

Specific skills in talent acquisition and management, HR project management, organisational change management and well-being at work, as well as executive and employee coaching.


Sophie Tornare Sophie Tornare

Sophie Tornare

Consultant and assessor in the analysis of skill and competencies and in career management
Language : F

Company mediator (Certified general mediator ASI Geneva)
Degree in law from University of Lausanne.

20 years experience as a jurist in several cantonal bodies, as a job search advisor, as an assessor in assessments and development issues and as a jurist for audits and other evaluations.
Marie Oberli Marie Oberli

Marie Oberli

Consultant in the sphere of human resources, employment law and conflict management (organizational audits, mediations)
Language : F

Degree in Law (University of Neuchatel)
Qualified lawyer
Mediator (general certificate as mediator, GPM Geneva)

20 years experience as legal expert on personnel issues of a cantonal administration and as a mediator.
Véronique Perroud Véronique Perroud

Véronique Perroud

Specialist lawyer FSA in labor law
Corporate Mediator
Conflict Management Trainer
Languages : F / I

FSA LL.M. Law Degree. Specialization in Labor Law
Mediator (CAS in Company Mediation, FSA certification in General Mediation)
Trained in Collaborative Law

More than 15 years of intensive practice as a lawyer. Solid and in-depth knowledge of Labor Law and Conflict Management. Global approach relying on legal aspects, on conflit prevention and management strategies, as well as on communication and negociation tools aimed at resolving issues amiably.
Isabelle Bieri Isabelle Bieri

Isabelle Bieri

Co-responsible for the Swiss-German market
Languages : F / D / I / E


Trainer and consultant in the field of mediation, coaching, conflict management, expertise/audit

Neuro-practitioner and neuroscience coach, AENC, Brussels

Former member of the Ombudsman Panel of the Swiss Federation of Mediation Associations FSM/SDM

30 years of experience as a judge and president of a conciliation authority in the fields of real estate, work and health and 10 years of experience as president of a child and adult protection authority (APEA)
Laetitia Leger Laetitia Leger

Laetitia Leger

Junior consultant
Language : F / E / D

Bachelor of Law, University of Geneva

Various experiences in law firms in the field of social insurance law, criminal law, administrative law and divorce law and also; in the Juvenile Court assisting in cases of juvenile criminal law and juvenile proceedings.
Andrea Staubli Andrea Staubli

Andrea Staubli

Attorney at law, mediator SDM, lecturer in mediation and conflict management
Languages: D / E

Law degree from the University of Zurich, admitted to the bar
Certified Mediator SDM

20 years of experience as a court president/judge (Former President of the District and Family Court of Baden), many years of experience in the association sector (Former President of the Swiss Umbrella Association for Mediation SDM), training in mediation, coaching and organizational consulting with a focus on solution and resource orientation
Amrita Liv Auer Amrita Liv Auer

Amrita Liv Auer


Dominique Durrer Dominique Durrer

Dominique Durrer

Consultant in health management (assessments, coaching)
Languages: F / E

Associate Physician
Department of Chronic and Community Diseases and Therapeutic Education
University Hospitals of Geneva
President of the Swiss Association for the Study of Obesity (ASEMO)
Dr in medicine - Specialist in general medicine FMH
Specialized in prevention, nutrition, obesity and health coaching
Member of the EU Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, Brussels


Miriam von Niederhäusern Miriam von Niederhäusern

Miriam von Niederhäusern

Head of HR administration and accounting
Languages : F / D / E

Assistant in HR administration with Certificate
Certificate of apprentices trainer in companies
Apprenticeship as a commercial employee, profile E.
Marie-Ange Schneider Marie-Ange Schneider

Marie-Ange Schneider

Head of Coordination
Languages : F / E

Certification in Public Events and Sponsoring SAWI
Certificate in Apprentices Training
Practitioner's certificate in Public Relations (SPRI)
Practitioner's certificate in Communication (SAWI)
Secondary School Diploma in Commerce
Patricia Palazzo Patricia Palazzo

Patricia Palazzo

Administrative assistant
Languages : F / I

Certified assistant to senior management
Federal certificate for commercial staff

Writing and editing of French language texts
Participation in writing audit reports and expertises
Professional experience as legal assistant
Armelle Birraux Armelle Birraux

Armelle Birraux

Quality controller
Language : F

Writing and editorial supervision of French language
Participation in the preparation of audit reports and evaluations
Responsible for the eduQua certification process

Professional experience in personnel management, social work and media. Experience as a public writer and biographer
Françoise Aubert Françoise Aubert

Françoise Aubert

Administrative assistant
Language : F

Federal Certificate as administrative assistant
Kevin Remyi Kevin Remyi

Kevin Remyi

Coordinator for English Market
IT Manager
Languages : F / E

Federal Certificate of Commercial Business in the administrative sector
Federal Certificate in Retail Business
Kenan Guessous Kenan Guessous

Kenan Guessous

Administrative assistant
Languages : F / E

Bachelor in Sports Management, Marketing and Communication, SAWI
Sarah Sagbo Sarah Sagbo

Sarah Sagbo

Daniel Sanclaudio Daniel Sanclaudio

Daniel Sanclaudio

Jolanda Herradi Jolanda Herradi

Jolanda Herradi