Since its formation in 1999 Vicario Consulting has made consultancy in human resources its mission, believing that corporate success goes hand in hand with respect for employees. The creation and maintenance of a good working climate needs effort. Getting the best people into the right positions, developing their skills and enabling their advancement, guiding them through change or managing conflictual situations are all challenges which the organization, its teams and the individuals that make them up will have to face. Our team of consultants are here to help you as the experts in working climate in Switzerland.

Psycho-social risks cost Swiss companies 5.6 billion Swiss francs each year and carry major consequences from a human point of view. With its experience in advising on management of the working climate and as an initiator in Switzerland of the idea of preventative measures in the field, Vicario Consulting is well-placed to help you in the choice of measures designed to protect your organization against psycho-social risks. Discover our TOM solutions (Trusted Office Mentor) !

How to develop the loyalty of  your staff, prepare their back-up and succession, maintain employability and productivity, implement ethically based HR policies, reduce absenteeism and manage conflict. For nearly 15 years Vicario Consulting has assisted companies in facing increasingly complex challenges in the field of HR while maintaining its credo that the company and its human dimension are inextricably linked.

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    Notre mandante est une fondation créée en 1971 qui œuvre pour l’insertion sociale et professionnelle de personnes en difficulté telles que des jeunes sans formation, des personnes sans emploi ou confrontées à des problèmes de dépendance. Au travers de ses quinze structures, elle propose une prise en charge globale des personnes en mettant en évidence leurs capacités et potentialités. S’appuyant […]
    Our client is a non-governmental organization fighting impunity for international crimes and supporting victims in their quest for justice. TRIAL International takes an innovative approach to the law, paving the way to justice for survivors of unspeakable suffering. The organization provides legal assistance, litigates cases, develops local capacity, and pushes the human rights agenda forward. For their office based in […]
    Nous sommes un établissement bancaire suisse avec une importante présence sur le territoire national (21 agences et succursales). Au fil des ans, la BPS (SUISSE), 352 Collaboratrices et Collaborateurs, n’a cessé de se développer pour répondre aux besoins de ses clients. Forts du succès de notre Succursale de NEUCHATEL, et afin de renforcer son équipe, nous cherchons un (e) Conseiller […]