Sublimating the paradoxes that imprison us

24 heures / Tribune de Genève

12 October 2023
Stéphane Haefliger, Membre de direction Vicario Consulting

“Our era is paradoxical. On the networks, we preach the virtues of psychological security; but at the same time, fear seems to envelop us in its gloomy mantle: war is on our doorstep, century-old institutions are disappearing and a feeling of precariousness is taking hold. In companies, we hear talk of benevolence, happiness in the workplace and communication, whereas never before have tensions, suffering and seizures been so numerous. As for unemployment, never has full employment been so firmly established in Helvetia; but at the same time, a growing number of employees are dreaming of changing their lives to change the world. What anguish and disruption! In these turbulent times, we must urgently summon up our short history….” (in french)