Assisstance in the recruitment process

You prospect to delegate the recruiting process or part of it to external specialists? We support you gladly with our experience, our tools and our time. We do no headhunting.

Methodology : Analyse the position to be filled, its function and its environment / Define the profile of the ideal candidate given the objectives he is intended to meet / Preparation of the offer of employment and choice of the appropriate media for it / Evaluation of the responses to the offer as they come in and process administration / Interviews with those candidates having potential / Interviews with retained candidates and with the client to anticipate any problems of fit / Evaluation of retained candidates by an individual assessment / Preparation of a report on each candidate assessed / Feedback to the candidate and obtention of his agreement to the report / Recommendations to the company.

In order to help the integration of the new employee we offer coaching services designed to lessen any divergences between the employee’s profile and the real needs of the position.