Diversity and inclusion

Whether to increase their productivity, their capacity to innovate or improve their reputation among clients and future employees, an increasing number of organizations are implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives to attract, retain, and empower diverse population groups (based on gender, origins, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion, age, etc.).

A diversity and inclusion strategy aims at: Improving personnel engagement, motivation and productivity / Improving brand and company reputation / Leveraging the extensive range of backgrounds and skills to enhance innovation and problem-solving / Attracting more diverse talents / Gaining a better understanding of the diversity of clients / Improving the quality of life in the workplace and the work-life balance / Reducing the number of discriminatory behaviors.

Methodology: Analysis of the current HR practices through interviews / Training on inclusive HR policies and procedures / Training with employees on inclusive and non-discriminatory behaviors / Proposals to make recruitment procedures more inclusive / Support for the development of an HR strategy based on diversity / Evaluation and adaptation in the medium to long term of the implementation of the HR strategy.