Team building exercises

Team building

The world in which companies operate would be hard to imagine without its project teams, its work groups and its task forces. The ability of a company to facilitate any effort that requires cooperation contributes in large measure to its success. The goals of a team building process are to: Reinforce the team’s identity / Identify and put to good use the particular skills of each team member / Fully bring out and exploit the strengths and resources present  / Make for efficient communications within the team / Create and strengthen bonds / Share the team’s aims and results / Install  common values / Establish openness and transparency in communications.

Typical situations: Change of the team leader or of members of the group / Reorganisations / Conflicts within teams / Changes implying new performance demands or requiring new skills.

Methodology:  Preliminary interviews with team members and clients / Adapting measures to the team and the objectives / Implementing measures for team development  / Follow up and evaluation of the measures.