Where it is required to change or develop an employee’s role in the company the training programmes we offer tend to be constructed around the specific circumstance. The following are a couple of examples of this :

1 Be a driving part of change

Objectives:  Define the change / Understand what is going to happen and how / Assess what will help and what will hinder the change / Implement whatever behavioural adaptation is necessary to the process / Be aware of emotional reactions and the need for explanations / Bring the participants together to live the change interdependently and not isolated from each other / Be ready to answer convincingly the questions which will be put to you by staff.

2 Be a manager in uncertain times

To managers of a company undergoing change we provide the tools to help them to lead their staff through the changes without feelings of insecurity, demotivation or even resignation.

Objectives:  Be fully acquainted with and understand how to use the resources available to managers to enable them to get their staffs through change and the difficult situations it can provoke / Know well and be able to reassure and motivate staff during uncertain times / Be able to create a positive working climate / Keep one’s health and have an eye on the health of one’s employees / Identify any employees lapsing into crisis and intervene in a timely manner.