Workplaces health analyses


Our analyse allows us to define the level of health and wellbeing within a business, to highlight risk and protection factors and therefore target interventions in the area of health promotion.

Methodology : Hold a strategy workshop with management to fix objectives and the resources available to pursue them / Analyse available information  to be familiar with what the status quo is / Sampling and/or targeted interviews / Sight inspection / Analyses of collected information / production of a summary report / Feedback to the piloting committee / Health ‘circles’ with the participation of staff to implicate them in the reflection upon the measures necessary / Feedback to the piloting committee and formulation of an action plan / Final management decision on the plan / Communication of the plan.

In our samplings we work with validated tools provided by  Promotion Sante Suisse (Job Stress Analysis, PME – Vital) and by our partner BGF – Berlin (DigA 2.0).