Vicario Consulting SA brings its experience to the following areas


Sociologique Sociologique

  • Sociologique

Ursula Gut-Sulzer

  • Partner
  • Responsible for the German speaking and national markets
  • Languages : D / E / F
  • Company mediator
  • AMT trainer
  • Certified in mediation and organisation from HSA Berne
  • Interpersonal communication and humanist psychology at Zencom, Berne
  • Diploma in journalism MAZ
20 years experience in journalism focused on employment and economics. Creation and leadership of the Swiss Junior Chamber on training and development and management of the German Swiss and Anglophone markets for Vicario Consulting SA.

Angelo Vicario

  • Director
  • Head of French and Italian speaking sector
  • Languages : F / I
  • Psychologist FSP
  • Psychotherapist FSP/ACP
  • Sociologist
More than 20 years of experience in the field of the consulting and training for companies. 

Christoph Bertschinger

  • Senior Consultant Health management in the workplace, organizational advisor, management development, team development, adult trainer
  • Language : D
  • Organizational advisor SAAP
  • Adult trainer EBL and team moderator
Experience as ex- manager of a drug abuse treatment centre in lower Zürich canton and as the ex-manager of Radix, the Swiss health foundation.



Yasmina Schmidt

  • Consultant and expert in career analysis and management and in the development of skills.
  • Languages F/E
  • Sociologist
  • Masters degree in sociology and anthropology UNIL
  • Masters degree in science, technology and society EPFL
  • Diploma in public administration IDHEAP
  • Adult trainer and coach (trained in Gestalt therapy)

20 years experience in accompanying people in change of life situations, adult training, management of projects in the medico-social field and professional reinsertion

5 years experience in advising on the social responsibilities of companies.


Koorosh Massoudi

  • Consultant, assessor and trainer in health management at the workplace, managing change, developing skills
  • Langues : F / E
  • Doctorate in Psychology
  • Teacher and researcher at the psychology insitute of the University of Lausanne
Many years' experience in university education, in research on the sources of professional pressure and individual vulnerabilities and in  the prevention and accompanying of suffering bound to stress

Gisela Grob

  • Regional Manager Bern
  • Senior Consultant in personnel and in organisational development using a systemic approach
  • Languages : D / F / E
  • Masters in systemic management of organizations (with specialization in the management of change) FHNW
  • Federal certificate as HR specialist
  • Certified trainer, Persolog

Many years experience as manager of personnel development and organization in a large health insurance firm (needs analysis, concepts, training, workshops, mediation, coaching, development centre, management development …).


Psychologique Psychologique

  • Psychologique

Leïla Ksontini

  • Consultant and assessor in skills analysis and development and career management.
  • Responsible for training and the social media
  • Langues : F / E
  • Workplace psychologist
  • Certificate in HR Management
  • Teacher
12 years experience in the field of skills analysis and development, project management, adult training, change management, health management and team leading

Sophie Sion Byde

  • Consultant and assessor in the analysis and development of skills and in career management
  • Languages : F / E
  • Psychologist ACP
  • Trained at the psychotherapy centre for the person
Experienced in adult training and in individual therapy.

Anne-Yaël Rège Elbaz

  • Consultant and assessor in the field of skills analysis and development and career management
  • Language : F
  • Workplace psychologist
  • Analytic psychotherapist
15 years experience in the conception and leading of occupational psychology courses, adult training, situational analysis of professional skills. Experience as a practitioner in analytical psychology

Véronique Borens

  • Consultant and assessor in skills and competence analysis and in career management
  • Languages : F / E
  • FSP psychologist for career orientation
  • Degree in social communication
  • Ongoing training in portfolio techniques

More than 10 years experience in skills assessment and career coaching. Consultant for assessments, audits and relational evaluations.


Christian Brokatzky

  • Consultant, coach and trainer in skills development and career management
  • Language : F
  • Psychologist
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Team supervisor
  • Teacher HES-SO

Experience in the fields of education, adult training and individual and family therapy


Aline Spinelli

  • Consultant in the field of analysis and development of skills and career management
  • Languages : F / D
  • Workplace psychologist

Experience in the field of human resources, skills analaysis, project coordination and training. 






Carlo Cutuli

  • Consultant in the analysis and development of skills
  • Language : I
  • Psychologist
  • Psychotherapist

Specialisation in and experience of managing organizational change and life transformation. Analysis of professional situations and skills 


Carole Müller-Widmer

  • Consultant and assessor in analysis, skills development and career management
  • Languages : F / D
  • Degree in psychology of the workplace and organizations
  • Diploma in architecture

Experience in management development and consulting and in HR at group level for a large national company.

Experience in training and personnel development and of the organisation and culture within a federal department.


Matthias Heri

  • Consultant and assessor in skills analysis and development and in career management
  • Langues : D / E
  • Dr in psychology (workplace and organisation)
  • Expert advisor in resources and the identification of solutions

Experience in project management, team management and support for people in crisis situations


Kirsten Bourcoud

  • Work psychologist
  • Languages : F/E/D/I
  • Master’s in work psychology
  • Master’s in international business management

Near 15 years in international sales and marketing management in various industries, including the direction of an SME.


Economie Economie

  • Economie



Fiorenzo Bettoni

  • Regional Manager Tessin
  • Consultant and assessor in skills analysis and development and career management. HR expert (audits, training, conferences)
  • Sociologist
  • Languages : I / E
  • Degree in sociology
  • Technical diploma in Industrial Electronics

Expert in management, business organization, international negotiation and cultural mediation


Cinzia Dal Zotto

  • Consultant, evaluator and trainer in talent management, diversity and leadership, particularly in the field of digital conversion
  • Languages : I / E / F / G
  • Doctorate in Management from the University of Regensburg, Germany.
  • Lecturer and researcher in Human Resource Management at the Institute of Business. Since 2016 head of the Masters course in International Business Development at the University of Neuchatel.

15 years experience in university teaching, in research into the challenges attached to organizational dynamics and to personnel in media businesses converting to digital. Research also into innovative talent management of multicultural and multidisciplinary working groups.


Daphne M. Rohr

  • Consultant and assessor in the fields of work climat, development of the skills and management of career
  • Languages : D / F / E
  • Trainer EB
  • PR Consultant, SPRI

Expert knowledge in communication and career development, international experience as project leader, head of communication and Media spokeswoman in industry and telecommunications.


Max R. Kaufmann

  • Senior Consultant with expertise in management and support of organizational change (organizational audits, conferences)
  • Assessor in the field of staff development
  • Langues : D / F / E
  • Doctorate in technical sciences and diploma in engineering from EPFZ

30 year career in international management

Chairman of the board of directors of various company start-ups



Vincent Uhlmann

  • Consultant and assessor in skills and competence development and in career management
  • Trainer
  • Languages : F / E
  • Doctorate in economic sciences from the University of Lausanne (HEC)

Over 15 years experience in the fields of marketing and training (university and companies).

Adult trainer in communication, management and leadership. HEC docent.

Founder of own market research company.


Brian Jones

  • Managing Director of Pathe Suisse SA and simultaneously a Senior expert consultant in the field of managing organizational change, developing potential and preparing staff back-up
  • Languages : E / F / D
  • BSc in Economics
  • MBA Diploma

30 years international experience of Business Management in Europe and Africa 


Simona Formenti

  • Senior Consultant
  • Co-assessor
  • Language : I / E
  • Writing and editorial supervision of Italien language
  • Participation in the preparation of audit reports and evaluations

Professional experience in personnel management in marketing and commercial fields. 


Anne Grandjean

  • Responsible for the English speaking markets
  • A consultant who is expert in accompanying change and in the management of projects and programs. In assessment exercises participates in the analysis and the development of skills
  • Languages: F / E / D / I
  • Master of Science in Communication. Specialist in corporate communication
  • Certified PMP from the Project Management Institute (

More than 10 years experience in management, head of two countries for a large international company, programme leader for major corporate and IT transformations



  • RH



Sabrina Bastianpillai-Caregnato

  • Advisor and Assessor in competence development and career management
  • Languages : F / I / E
  • Bachelors degree in political economy
  • Specialised in GRH
  • Federal diploma in workplace health and security

HR management in various national and international companies. Inspector for workplace health and security as well as working with psycho-social problem cases and protection of the person in public institutions.


Mehdi Guessous

  • Regional manager Geneva
  • Consultant and assessor in skills analysis and development and career management
  • Langues : F / E / D
  • Diploma in communication, University of Fribourg
  • Adult trainer

More than 10 years experience in marketing and HR with a multinational company. Responsible for internal communications on change. Optimisation of HR management over several sites.


André Richard

  • Expert consultant in the field of the human resources, organizational audits, mediations, conferences
  • Language : F
  • Master of Arts, University Geneva

Experience as a HR manager of a cantonal administration, staff manager of a banking institution and training manager of a federal service


Isabelle Spérisen

  • Regional Manager Neuchâtel
  • Consultant and assessor specializing in analysis, development of skills and career management
  • Langagues : F / G
  • Masters degree in the psychology of work
  • Company management
  • Professional coach

25 years professional experience in Human Resources of which 15 in international, industrial companies and 10 as  head of Human Resources  of a large hospital. Specific skills in the areas of team management, management of conflict, training, the management and culture of change and talent and the coaching of management and staff employees.



Anne-Pascale Théoduloz Melly

  • Responsible for the Valais market
  • Expert consultant in the field of HR specialising in the analysis and development of skills
  • Languages : F / E
  • Business economist HES (ESCEA)
  • SPRI diploma in business editing for PR and communication

Experience as a HR manager for a medical organisation and Executive Assistant with generalist skills in finance, IT and communication


Arthur Anthamatten

  • Senior HR consultant and assessor and expert in the analysis and development of skills
  • Languages : F / D

Former Training manager of a cantonal administration


Manuel Mattmann

  • Consultant and assessor in the fields work climat, development of the skills and HR
  • Sprachen : D / F
  • HR Specialiste
  • HR degree SKP

Experienced in developement of competences, HR, project and team management and communication.


Juridique Juridique

  • Juridique



Sophie Tornare

  • Consultant and assessor in the analysis of skill and competencies and in career management
  • Mediator
  • Jurist
  • Languages F / E
  • MAS in HR management
  • Company mediator (Certified general mediator ASI Geneva)
  • Degree in law from University of Lausanne.

20 years experience as a jurist in several cantonal bodies, as a job search advisor, as an assessor in assessments and development issues and as a jurist for audits and other evaluations.


Marie Oberli

  • Consultant in the sphere of human resources, employment law and conflict management (organizational audits, mediations)
  • Langues : F
  • Degree in Law (University of Neuchatel)
  • Qualified lawyer
  • Mediator (general certificate as mediator, GPM Geneva)

20 years experience as legal expert on personnel issues of a cantonal administration and as a mediator.


Isabelle Bieri

  • Consultant and trainer in the field of mediation
  • Languages : F / D / I / E



Mediator FSA, CSMC


Médical Médical

  • Médical



Martine Balandraux Olivet

  • Expert-consultant in occupational and preventitive medicine
  • Langues : F / E
  • Doctor of Medicine specialising in health at the workplace
  • Company doctor

Ex docent in epidemiology

Ex head doctor in clinic and deputy to head in hospital


Dominique Durrer

  • Consultant in health management (assessment, coaching)
  • Languages : F / E

Doctor of Medicine - Registered Medical Practitioner

Specialised in health control, nutrition, obesity and health coaching

Member of the EU platform for action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health (Brussels)