Vicario Consulting SA brings its experience to the following areas


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Miriam von Niederhäusern

  • Coordinator for national market
  • Management assistant
  • HR administration and bookkeeping
  • Langues : F/D

Certificate in company training and as a trainer

Apprenticeship as a commercial employee, profile E.


Marie-Ange Schneider

  • Coordinator for Lausanne and Geneva
  • Management assistant
  • Languages : F / E

Certificate in company training and as a trainer

Practitioner's certificate in public relations from SPRI Lausanne

Practitioner's certificate in communication from SAWI Lausanne

Professional business matriculation


Marlise Ruch

  • Coordinator for Bern
  • Assistant to the Regional Manager
  • Languages : D / F / E
  • Management diploma BPIH
  • Certificate in Client Management
  • Apprenticeship as a commercial employee

Patricia Palazzo

  • Administrative assistant
  • Languages : F / I
  • Certified assistant to senior management
  • Federal certificate for commercial staff

Writing and editing of French language texts
Participation in writing audit reports and expertises
Professional experience as legal assistant


Armelle Birraux

  • Quality controller
  • Co assessor
  • Language : F
  • Writing and editorial supervision of French language
  • Participation in the preparation of audit reports and evaluations
  • Responsible for the eduQua certification process

Professional experience in personnel management, social work and media. Experience as a public writer and biographer


Kevin Remyi

  • Trainee administrative assistant, profil E
  • Languages : F / E
  • Federal Certificate in Retail Business