All-round feedback

all-round competence assessment

The all-round competence assessment is designed to evaluate a candidate’s personality and his leadership skills from different perspectives. The process uses two scientifically proven instruments : The C Levy – Leboyer test from the Editions du Centre de Psychologie Appliquée, ECPA, Paris, and the L.A.B.E.L test from F Gendre and R Capel at the University of Lausanne.

Such instruments attempt to define management competences : Motivation of the team / Give instructions / Develop and use other people’s abilities / Construct a strategy and put it into action / Be open and available / Communicate. These instruments also enable personality  traits specific to the task of management to be defined :  The way one goes about work / Personal motivation / The way one takes decisions / The style of leadership.

Methodology :  The two questionnaires are filled in by the candidate, his manager, three colleagues and three members of the candidate’s staff / A report on the findings is produced / We expose the differences between what the candidate thinks of himself and what others think of him / Proposed development measures are suggested / In certain situations we facilitate a discussion between the candidate and the persons having participated in the evaluation.