Executive Coaching : New Questions for New Solutions

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Jumping the hurtle of limiting assumptions.

Many managers hit an inflexion point in their careers. This typically occurs when work circumstances evolve drastically. If they fail to adapt, they risk finding themselves in difficulty because new solutions and modes of thinking are necessary. However, managers often get stuck repeatedly asking themselves the same questions.

Executive coaching helps managers to investigate how previously effective thinking might now be holding them back. Skilled executive coaches question these limiting assumptions and help managers to see things through a different lense. And to begin asking better questions. Full article : Harvard Business Review

Vicario Consulting’s team of former senior managers and work psychologists provides insightful executive coaching to managers seeking to overcome their own inflexion point. Just like great therapists, compelling coaches nudge their coachees toward breakthroughs. Not by providing answers, but by helping to see situations through new eyes. Read more