How to Promote Change with the Right People?

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HR need to encourage more of a change culture.

The development of HR functions are linked to the bygone industrial age. Talented employees were expected to compliantly contribute towards the organization’s common goals and global value. HR was thus put in charge of an ecosystem built around formalized processes, sameness, common practices, and conformity. This model is however inadapted if a company is to embrace change or innovation in a post-digital era requiring agility and people ready to disrupt, excel and grow.

Businesses have always thrived on the process of making ever slightly better things, in ever improving ways. It’s time to accept that machines are best at being machines and celebrate what being a human is all about: not least our ability to question, challenge and adapt.

When change and innovation become a genuine aspiration, HR and senior management will acknowledge the value of remarkable people. While those who blend in, who hide in organizational charts and avoid responsibility will be less rewarded. When HR intervenes and confines talent to boxes, checklists and rigidly defined objectives, they seriously hamper enthusiasm. This is why companies rooted in tradition and formal processes are strugling.  Pluralism of ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity and continued learning should take precedence over imposed consensus, tightly regimented roles, centralized authority,. formalized training.

Unfortunately, companies tend to adapt old systems, instead of completely rethinking leadership and management. And this demands transforming the way they recruit and retain, as well as the types of roles they create. What can HR do? Hire disruptors and a broad range of skills. Empower these new recruits by rewarding new ideas and brave experiments. So that they don’t leave out of frustration because compliance is actually still preferred. Full article : World Economic Forum

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