What Constitutes a “Serious” Psychometric Test?

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How can HR assess how current and potential employees think, feel and behave? Publishers of psychometric tests propose a vast array of products which measure personality and abilities. Many instruments offer easy-to-read colored reports, user-friendly digital platforms, and sometimes even an appealing game-format. But what is the science behind the neat cosmetics?

A “serious” psychometric test must pass its own tests. HR should be able to check the boxes on recent academic research, rigourous statistical analyses and an in-depth knowledge of human psychology. Is the theory still up to date? Can you establish that the test is fair and accurate? Is the person’s characterization finely shaded? Does the test actually measure what is claims to be measuring? Can it reliably predict future behavior and performance? Full article : D-Tech

Vicario Consulting’s team of psychologists has assembled a catalog of scientifically-grounded psychometric tests and questionnaires. We use these instruments to conduct assessments, analyze work climate concerns, and provide career counselling and workplace coaching. Read more