• Chargé-e de mission d’homologation d’un nouveau laboratoire et/ou Responsable de laboratoire – 50-100% – Pharmacie 24

    Notre mandante a pour mission de développer des services pharmaceutiques d’utilité publique. La philosophie de Pharmacie 24 est d’offrir des services de qualité et d’œuvrer dans la quiétude requise pour écouter et apporter une solution adaptée aux besoins de ses clients. Dans ce sens, elle répond 7/7 aux situations d’urgence pharmaceutique et propose un large […]

  • Direttore / Direttrice – Casinò Lugano

    Il Casinò Lugano vanta una storia di oltre 200 anni che ha attraversato tutte le epoche dell’età contemporanea ed è stata contraddistinta da numerose trasformazioni nascendo come “salotto” ottocentesco della città per poi diventare il celebre Teatro Kursaal e finire come vera e propria casa da gioco con licenza di tipo “A”, il massimo della […]

  • A Head of Remote Work : The Right Move for Your Organization?

    What would a Head of Remote Work do? It’s all about ensuring that remote work is properly supported versus merely allowed. Formalizing and implementing work from home properly needs to be managed as a process. Indeed, getting remote work right involves more of a cultural change of habits than simply switching from a mostly colocated […]

  • Responsable RH – 80-100 % – OIKEN

    Travailler pour OIKEN. Ensemble, construisons l’entreprise. Acteur romand de référence, OIKEN joue un rôle d’entrepreneur dans le monde des énergies et du multimédia, en constante évolution. Afin de renforcer notre secteur des Ressources humaines, nous recherchons un·e Responsable RH – 80-100 %… Lire la suite

  • Head of Remote Work : A Worthwhile Function?

    What role for a Head of Remote Work? It’s all about ensuring that remote work is properly supported. Not merely allowed. Because getting remote work right requires a slow change in habits instead of a quick flip from a collocated to a remote setting. Will your existing management and HR team be able to address […]

  • Enhancing Remote Teamwork : 4 Practical Steps for Every Manager

    Quality of relationships declines as remote work increases. So how maintain rapport, motivation and a common identity when employees cannot meet often physically? How can managers adjust to sustain performance and wellbeing? Especially when more at ease with “managing by walking around”? High intensity telework may represent a steep learning curve for many managers. Luckily, […]

  • Leading Your Team Back to the Office

    Help your team transition back to the office. Since the beginning of lockdown, you and your team have gradually become used to the new “telework normality“. Only to now have to adjust right back again to a new “social distancing office normality“. Unfortunately, it won’t be as easy as flipping the light switches back on […]

  • Effective Crisis Leadership : Communication and Focus

    Reassurance and transparency. COVID-19 has brought along much uncertaintly about our professional and personal lives. Businesses are experiencing major disruptions ; some are worried about their very survival. It is therefore critical for leaders to help employees stay informed, feel heard, and kept on track. Firstly, organizational leaders should communicate frankly and frequently about how […]

  • How to Make Work More Meaningful?

    Encouraging meaning at work offers numerous organizational and individual benefits. How can an organization develop higher performance, increased satisfaction and self-confidence, as well as greater perseverance and self-motivated skills development? Which set of conditions must be met? Employees must first have clarity in terms of what is expected of them and how to invest their […]

  • How to Handle Office Romance in Today’s #MeToo Era

    Falling for your coworker is both normal and common. But before acting on your feelings, you might assess the risks. Many organizations forbid their employees to date coworkers, vendors, customers, or suppliers, or then require specific disclosures. So be sure to check company policies before launching into a relationship. Your colleagues’ perceptions will reflect what they […]

  • Performance Review : How to Receive & Respond to Feedback

    Not always easy to acknowledge space for personal improvement without getting defensive. Receiving praise can be uncomfortable. But being given constructive feedback can also sting, even if justified. In today’s competitive and ever changing workplace, improving one’s personal skills has become essential to keeping one’s job and progressing in one’s career. Empowerment and accountability imply […]

  • How to Promote Cross-Silo Leadership?

    Organisations slow at breaking down their silos are at risk of failing. What is urgently needed are “cultural brokers”. This particular manager profile is skilled at facilitating interactions between individuals with different sets of assumptions, values and norms. Cultural brokers understand the value of asking questions that encourage perspective taking. They know how to expand […]