• Managers’ Changing Role in a VUCA World

    Many managers have failed to evolve alongside changing organizational needs. For nearly a century, management has been conceived according to Henri Fayol’s five default functions. Planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. This was all perfectly valid before a VUCA landscape became the norm. Indeed, AI is progressively replacing many human tasks. Consequently, managers are expected to think […]

  • Employee Turnover is Not Always All Bad

    At times letting employees go might be necessary. Despite the high costs of replacing them. Accurately calculating the net gain – from a human and performance perspective – helps to justify turnover. Traditional HR metrics often focus on the costly resources invested in hiring and onboarding individual replacements. However, a more systemic approach also factors […]

  • Resilience Training: Not Always the Right Solution

    Resilience training should not make up for managerial responsibilities. Today’s more-with-less work climate means heavier workloads and higher pressure. So personal resilience has never been more necessary. The goal of corporate resilience training is to help employees to develop resources and healthy habits so as to better cope with work strains and stresses. It can […]

  • Executive Coaching : New Questions for New Solutions

    Jumping the hurtle of limiting assumptions. Many managers hit an inflexion point in their careers. This typically occurs when work circumstances evolve drastically. If they fail to adapt, they risk finding themselves in difficulty because new solutions and modes of thinking are necessary. However, managers often get stuck repeatedly asking themselves the same questions. Executive […]

  • Developing Resilience at Work

    A survival skill in a VUCA world. Volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous. Do these adjectives apply to your work environment? Resilience increases our capacity to overcome career obstacles, helps us make sense of organizational changes, and supports us when having to navigate various forms of transition. This does not necessarily imply grinding your teeth and tensing […]

  • Swiss Women’s Rights for Equal Treatment

    Swiss women demand greater gender equality. Last Friday saw nearly half a million women protest against Switzerland’s slow pace to gender equality. Overall, Swiss female professionals still earn 20% less than their male counterparts. The International Labour Organisation namely rates Switzerland among the last nations when it comes to equal pay between men and women […]

  • Clarifying 4 Misconceptions About Corporate Training

    Close your skills gaps with the right approach to corporate training. A great majority of managers are concerned about the skills level of their teams. Especially in an ever changing work environment. Corporate training can indeed develop employees. But outdated methods and erroneous presumptions are holding back effective approaches. Full article : Fast Company Vicario […]

  • Resolving Workplace Conflict via Emotional Intelligence

    Workplace conflict compromises mental health and productivity. Workplace conflict occurs when co-workers view shared situations through different lenses. Tension often escalates if nothing is done, so addressing the issue early on helps reduce strain and restore effective collaboration. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can feel more empowered by trusting your emotional […]

  • Is Workplace Coaching Worth the Investment?

    Workplace coaching works, as science demonstrates. Workplace coaching is a one-on-one form of learning and development. By focusing on the immediate needs of the manager, it promotes active learning. And indeed improves performance. Technical and leadership skills can be moderately improved. So as attitudes and motivation. But the greatest impact of coaching applies to individual […]

  • What Constitutes a “Serious” Psychometric Test?

    Gaining insight into people’s minds and making sound decisions. How can HR assess how current and potential employees think, feel and behave? Publishers of psychometric tests propose a vast array of products which measure personality and abilities. Many instruments offer easy-to-read colored reports, user-friendly digital platforms, and sometimes even an appealing game-format. But what is […]

  • Major Disruptors Demand Workforce Transformation

    How addressing the human dimension enables to survive. Are your current practices in hiring, training, motivating and retaining your employees preparing you for today and tomorrow’s challenges? Will your people’s competencies meet future clients’ needs, optimize company resources, and out-think the competition? What are you doing to promote a culture of agility and innovation ? […]

  • 6 Negative Myths : Why Managers Should Really Embrace Remote Work

    Organizing remote work so that benefits outweigh costs and risks. Many managers are hesitant to authorize remote work. The idea of direct reports “time-sheeting” without supervision may feel like stretching trust beyond what’s comfortable. But it turns out that the 6 major concerns expressed by managers are unfounded. So why not rely on work flexibility […]