Head of Remote Work : A Worthwhile Function?

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What role for a Head of Remote Work?

It’s all about ensuring that remote work is properly supported. Not merely allowed. Because getting remote work right requires a slow change in habits instead of a quick flip from a collocated to a remote setting.

Will your existing management and HR team be able to address the following issues?

  1. Provide a healthy workspace at home. Both physical and mental
  2. Prevent discrimination against work from home employees
  3. Communicate equally to both remote and collocated workers. Both in quantity and quality
  4. Design L&D programs that factor in remote recruiting, onboarding and ongoing management
  5. Reassess company collaboration values that do not demand extensive in-person contact
  6. Organize in-person events promoting engagement and company culture
  7. Coordinate a coherent message on work from home policies
  8. Assist managers in unlearning former habits and unhelpful mindsets
  9. Encourage senior management to model and champion new telework culture
  10. Anticipate how work from home will impact current and future business
  11. Outline an iterative transformation strategy with regular milestones and objectives
  12. Celebrate small and progressively larger wins.

Many companies proceed in a precipitated and fragmented manner. Moreover, each facet of this complexe theme is distributed among various executives. With superficial coordination and poor progress tracking. Above all, remote work transition is seen as something that can be hammered out in a few months.

A much better approach is to involve the organization’s leadership in a cross-functional capacity. This will promote a more nuanced approach that is deeply embedded in every element of the activities. In conclusion, investing proper telework resources now will bolster future operations. Full article : LinkedIn Talent Blog