Resilience Training: Not Always the Right Solution

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Resilience training should not make up for managerial responsibilities.

Today’s more-with-less work climate means heavier workloads and higher pressure. So personal resilience has never been more necessary. The goal of corporate resilience training is to help employees to develop resources and healthy habits so as to better cope with work strains and stresses. It can be hugely beneficial in a certain number of cases, but a pointless knee-jerk solution in those cases where 100% of the responsibility is not held by employees.

This type of employee-focused support will provide only short-lived gains if managers avoid addressing the underlying organizational causes. Or their own shortcomings. Resilience courses can even backfire on morale and engagement when managers appear to be deflecting blame away from their own inadequate management or handling of pressure. Full article : HR Zone

Vicario Consulting approaches resilience training from a systemic perspective. Before designing a resilience-building course for our clients, we sit down to discuss specific sources of potential stress. Whether at an organizational or more personal/individual level. So that our interventions provide more durable results for both employees and the company as a whole. Read more